How to Buy in IEO the CFXQ and ZEROONE Tokens?

How to Buy in IEO the CFXQ and ZEROONE Tokens?

The disruptive ecosystem of CFX Wallet is completed by CFXQ and ZEROONE TOkens

By clicking on IEO tab on the Menu you will access this page.

IF YOU HAVE ETH BTC OR USDT you can BUY CFXQ and ZEROONE (Zone) with Crypto Assets that are already in your wallet.
If you don't have Crypto in your CFX Wallet you can Buy them with the "Fiat" function or Send to the wallet with the "Deposit" function present in the "Balance" menu.

Simply insert the amount of Crypto you want to exchange, you will see the amount in USD and the total of CFXQ or ZEROONE you are exchanging.
The amount is automatically converted in the last price of Crypto (ETH/BTC/USDT) to USD and EURUSD price.


CFXQ is the CFX Quantum Token, allowing to participate in our ecosystem.

it's an ERC20 ETH token that will be used for partial payments of trading commissions, access the ATS Store were a selection of Real-life products will be available for CFXQ Token Holders, to give exclusive access to the ZEROONE Staking (see below).
The CFXQ token will be burned every quarter by using for buy back the CFX Quantum Turnover.
The 2021 will be 5% of turnover for token burning that will grow up to 30% the 2025!!!!

You can find all the info and news on CFXQ token, obtain the White Paper and the info about IEO
The minimum for CFXQ is 100 Euro, the IEO will end the 23 of October 2020 and the price is 0.05 Euro per token. 


The Tokens will be assigned from the 23 to the 27 of October and listed on three exchanges plus CFX Wallet the 27 of October.
The exchanges are: LA TOKEN, P2PB2B and DIGIFINEX (top 20 exchange).


The ZERONE Token is powered by Q-HATS, the Quantum Highly Advanced Trading Systems. Thanks to the use of the incredible Fujitsu Digital Annealer, the Chip that allows lightning speed in calculating ARBITRAGE trades at ZERO RISK allows to be staked to obtain a monthly Bonus.

The ZEROONE Token is an Erc20 "USTD style" Asset Backed with Crypto, fixed value 1 Euro per token. Any time you buy or sell it will be at 1 €.

CFX Quantum guarantees to buy back any amount is sold.

ZEROONE Token can be "Staked" to obtain a reward of 1% every month 

In order to exchange your Crypto with ZEROONE you must have at least 100 Euro of CFXQ Tokens in your Wallet (no need to stake them).

The minimum amount of ZEROONE Token to buy is 1000 €.


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